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Le Tote
A fashion renting service,

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Project from 2016

Le Tote is a fashion renting service that allows women to get clothing delivered at home. It needed a desktop redesign in order to make the service more understandable for potential new clients and easy enough to use on a daily basis for subscribers.

The following images are proposed concepts.


UX/UI designer
This includes:
Sitemaps and User Flows
Visual design
Interaction design

web homepage redesign scroll animation

homepage mobile

homepage mobile animation

product detail page hero on mobile

Understanding the User flow

Firstly, user flows of the experience helped understand what the user had to go through and locate the pain points that needed to be improved. We then provided new user flows and updated sitemaps.

web sitemap for visitors
web onboarding experience user flow

A new experience coming to life

Secondly, we worked on wireframes. The goal was to determine precisely where to place the information on each page to improve the user experience.

Going deeper in the details level, I used wireframes to create Advanced Site Maps and User Flows.

web onboarding experience advanced user flow with wireframes

web post onboarding advanced user experience flow with wireframes

Early functional prototypes helped verify the flow. Thanks to them we worked on multiple wireframes iterations and finally ended up on a clear and easy experience.

web onboarding early prototype wireframe
onboarding early prototype wireframe

web homepage redesign

Charming the right user

I worked with another designer and a Brand Designer at Upperquad to come up with the new look and feel of Le Tote. I designed different visual concepts for the web service, keeping in mind the universe of fashion and the main target: women around their 30s wanting to make their life easier.

Finally, using a confident color palette, the alliance of the elegant Futura and the feminine Superior Title, we created a clean, modern and feminine look and feel.

visual design system

web homepage user interface

web product detail page user interface

web cart user interface

web design menu navigation

Thinking interaction and animation from beginning to end

The animation of the design components is an important part of the process. It comes at almost every step, from wireframing to visual design. Not only it adds this delight effect that makes an experience complete, it also — and especially — brings understanding.

web design cart notification animation in snack bar


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