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Project from 2017

Eero is a home wifi system service. They needed a web landing page and an app redesign, as well as a rebranding.

The following images are proposed concepts.


UI/UX designer
This includes:
Visual design
Interaction design

Working with Brand designers at Upperquad, I designed different mobile app concepts based on their visual explorations.

We had to work on the main page of the app, the most important for the user. That page shows the health of the wifi in the house, whether it works well or not. If a problem occurs, it is displayed and taken care of from that page.

Wifi is a complex invisible thing, thus hard to represent and explain by design.

Reinterpreting branding elements created by my colleagues, I played with colors and shapes variations to let people understand the different states of the internet connection: working well, working bad, not working.

Final concept

Web Landing page

Using the brand elements we created at Upperquad, I designed the Homepage and the Features page of the marketing website.

Delays being shorts sometimes, I often use rapid stop motion and gifs to show intents of animations.

For all more complex animations that also require some testing via prototyping, I use the software Principle.


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