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AIY Projects
Do-it-yourself Artificial
Intelligence projects for
makers, a Google initiative.

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Project from 2017

The AIY Project is a Google initiative for makers. I designed the website which showcases do-it-yourself Artificial Intelligence projects. The challenge was to stay close to the crafty universe of makers while designing a very clear and mess-free step-by-step project explanation.

View the live site:
AIY Projects


UI/UX designer
This includes:
Visual design
Interaction design

An Interactive Homepage

My goal for this Homepage was to respect the Makers’ universe. I also wanted to make it the most distinctive possible in order to catch peoples’ attention and leave them with a good first impression.

I chose to work on an interactive Hero animation: makers are people that make things, thus it was essential to me that the homepage reflected this by encouraging visitors to interact with the website. We worked hand by hand with the developers and designers at Upperquad to create this awesome drag and drop interaction, designing multiple iterations until reaching the final one that satisfied every stakeholder on the project.

A clear and efficient step-by-step process on the Project Detail Page.

We started designing the project page because it was the core element on the website.

My first step on this project was to study other DIY and makers’ websites in order to locate the components that were essential to a clear step-by-step project page; from the fixed project side nav to the social sharing mechanics.

View the live Project Page

Knowing that some makers could use their phone to follow the projects’ steps, I took great care to design the project page as efficient and useful as possible. I made several iterations, especially on the menu.

View the final live site:

Google AIY Projects


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